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Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Thomas Moran

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone - Thomas Moran -

Title:Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Painted by:Thomas Moran
Dimensions:144.09 inch wide x 83.86 inch high

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I saw a beautiful Thomas Moran Landscape at the Denver Art Museum many years ago. I am wondering what the title of this art happens to be. I have learned so much from this website. Very educational.
Art at Denver Art Museum
Posted by Joyce on 30.January 2010, 21:45

I have never seen a painting of the grand canyon that actually gives you the feeling of it's gigantic size and how insignificant you feel while in it as this painting. It's the same with others he has done of the canyon. The prehistoric essence is there.

Posted by Marion on 14.July 2011, 20:47

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Grand-Canyon-of-the-Colorado,-1913, - Thomas Moran - www.thomas-moran.orgGrand-Canyon-of-the-Yellowstone-I - Thomas Moran -